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Excalibur Mace <Mirage paint>

The ultimate pro-level tournament ball. Excalibur is the finest tournament ball from our production facility. Designed by and for demanding tournament players, Excalibur is engineered with a brittle shell and thick fill to ensure your hits make their mark and stay there during the game. Exceptional quality control ensures you get the best out of each box every time.

  • Vivid, yellow metallic shell:
  • Consistent roundness for unmatched accuracy
  • Tournament-compliant yellow fill.

Sterling Mace is our popular tournament ball engineered to withstand the extremes of the tournament season. Expect consistent performance from spring, summer and autumn. The bright yellow PEG fill washes out easily prolonging playing gear and tournament fields making Sterling Mace the ball of choice for teams looking to play all season.

  • Anti-wipe, thick, bright fill
  • NEW: Tournament-compliant yellow fill
  • Summer and autumn formula: Compete over the whole tournament season.
  • Ideal for low-pressure, high performance markers.


Sterling Mirage is the ultimate paintball for woodland play. The
custom olive and brown shell means your opponents won’t know where it
came from, but the bright neon
fill will let the marshal know where
it landed. The harmless PEG fill
washes off in water protecting your woods for another battle.

  • Sterling’s stealthy offering! Created for woodland scenario play.
  • Camo coloured, virgin gelatine shell:
    Virtually invisible in flight
  • Bright neon-coloured, PEG-based fill:
    Highly visible in dark woodland
  • Perfect roundness for ball on ball
  • Available in four seasonal formulations.


Claymore shield Gauntlet

Claymore is the premium ball for walk-on and big game events. The virgin gelatine shell is produced to deliver a tournament-grade consistency, but with a more robust shell. This allows Claymore to work across the whole range of paintball markers. A versatile formula, Claymore is available in clear versions or photo-luminescent versions for the ultimate night-game experience!

  • Sterling’s high- end field ball: The top choice
    for walk-ons.
  • Virgin gelatine 2-tone shell: Bright, visible
  • Clear-fill, clear-shell and photo-luminescent versions available to order.

Sterling’s mid-level field ball. Our
best-selling line.The most reliable field-ball available. Sterling Shield has the resilience to withstand the rigours of rental play, but is still accurate enough to keep customers happy. Made to standards unmatched in this range, Sterling Shield is the premier ball that protects equipment, profits and repeat business.

  • Available in four seasonal formulas:
    Sustained performance throughout the
    season with no extra costs involved.
  • PEG-fill for easy cleaning: Keep your site
    looking presentable and professional
  • Excellent eco-credentials: No environmental impact on your buildings or woodland.

Sterling’s entry level field ball. Ideal for the budget-conscious site operator. SUMMER BALL ONLY

  • Consistent shape and reliability
  • Orange shell / orange fill
  • Resilient shell suitable for
    summer conditions only.


New from Powerball is our .50 calibre field ball. The same renowned quality and consistency from Sterling Shield .68 cal is now available to a wider audience. .50 calibre paintball allows you to attract younger customers into your business. Birthday parties and school groups previously anxious of paintball can now be introduced to your site. Additionally, savings can be made on shipping and gas consumption, further improving your margins.

  • Sterling’s mid-level field ball. For the
  • Higher profitability - 4000 balls in a box for a
    little more than .68 cal paint.
  • PEG-fill- same non-toxic, easy to clean fill as
    Sterling Shield
  • Expand your customer base, suitable for
    the younger market.
  • Summer and winter formula
  • Compatible with gas and spring-powered
    .50 calibre paintball markers.


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