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<Euro formula>

" During the last winter freeze Sterling withstood temperatures down to minus 5C, despite being carried around in players battle-packs."

Kevin has tried several other manufactures' paint over the years but has |never had the CONSISTENT HIGH QUALITY product and professional level of service that as has had from Powerball."

Kevin Little- War Game Company 

Seasonally Adjusted Formula is only available on Sterling Shield, Claymore, Saber (.50 cal) and Mirage products.

Reasons for Field Operators to use 
Sterling paintballs:

1: Increase profits
2: Exclusive Seasonally Adjusted Formula
3: Designed for European market
4: High quality field balls
5: Same price all year round


Summer Formula
For warmer weather

Formulated with a lighter
shell, this ball is tough enough not to break in your gun but still breaks on impact.


An intermediate formulation that bridges the gap between full winter ICE and the summer specification.


WINTER Formula
Known as ICE paint

A tough shell formulated 
to withstand colder
temperatures out in
the field, miniminzing
low temperature problems
such as deformation and


These balls give you Sterling quality and extra resistance to varying temperatures.


Why buy Sterling Paintballs:

Formulation designed to help prevent paintballs breaking in the gun therefore keeping your customers shooting!

Designed for the European weather conditions.

Winter formula is available at no extra cost 
unlike competitors

Increase profits - with less wastage as our paintballs
will be customised to suit the seasons.

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