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Why we are Better...

We do things the old fashioned way;

With our sister company Arrow Precision, we manufacture paintballs without starch or oil in the fill or shell, making it easy to clean off equipment at the end of the business day and avoids the problems of staining trees and barricades.

We are the only paintball company to adjust our shell formulation throughout the year for autumn, winter, spring and summer to give our paintballs the best possible temperature properties regardless of the weather.

Powerball is the only paintball distribution company to offer it's own delivery service, nationwide. Subject to scheduling, we can deliver boxes to pallets to your door, damage free and in perfect temperature controlled conditions. With our fleet of delivery vehicles with tail lifts and our own drivers, who will unload your delivery for you, Powerball can cover the needs of all customers from the very large to the very small.

We offer the best quality product with the best quality of service, giving you the best value for money in the industry.

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