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About Powerball
The Powerball name was first used in 1992, to launch a new brand of paintball in the UK market. The business rapidly out-grew it's humble beginnings and became established in its own right in 1994, as Powerball Limited in the Hampshire town of Farnborough. The product range grew
to include every item that the growing number of paintball site operators could possibly need to fully equip their paintball sites. Today, Powerball is one of the largest suppliers to the paintball trade in the UK and Europe.

The Summer of 1992 saw the launch of the Powerball brand of paintball in the small town of Egham in the county of Surrey. The brand spread to shops and paintball sites in the surrounding area and in the spring of 1994 Powerball Limited was set up in the aerospace manufacturing town of Farnborough.

Powerball’s sister company Arrow Precision Limited, was formed in 1996 in the neighbouring town of Aldershot to manufacture Powerball’s growing line of paintball hardware. In 1997 Powerball opened it's own paintball site in Harewood forest, just outside the town of Andover. The site was located in over 600 acres of woodland and was undoubtedly one of the largest and best-equipped paintball sites in Europe.

In late 1998 Powerball Limited moved to larger premises in Aldershot to accommodate larger inventories, as well as put both Arrow Precision
Limited and Powerball Limited under one roof. Powerball Limited and Arrow Precision Limited became part of the Leisuredyne group of companies in 2000, one of Europe’s largest paintball concerns.

Spring of 2001 saw Powerball Limited become the European distributor for RPS Recreational Products. To accommodate further expansion,
Powerball Limited opened it's warehouse in the Lincolnshire town of Grantham, to service the needs of its growing number of Midland customers.

After the change of ownership of RPS Recreational Products in the autumn of 2003, Powerball Limited launched the Sterling brand of paintballs in the Summer of 2004, which it began to sell into the European market as well as the North American market via it's American sister company
Arrow Precision LLC, which was opened at the beginning of 2005.

Arrow Precision Limited began to manufacture the Sterling brand of paintballs in it’s newly opened encapsulation plant in the autumn of 2006, allowing it to more carefully control the quality and availability of it's core product.

In the spring of 2011 Powerball opened its French distribution company with a warehouse in the south of France to better serve it's growing number of French customers.

The summer of 2013 saw the Leisuredyne group get back into the paintball site business with it's new company Powerball Outdoor Activites, which took over the Camouflage Paintball brand of paintball sites, bringing a new standard of quality and service to the retail side of the industry.

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