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<Stock class STP image>

The Stock Class STP offers a variety of playing
configurations to enhance your style of play. Using 12 gram powerlets, CO2 or regulated air this marker with its polished stainless steel internals will perform consistently, accurately and reliably. A marker for all occasions.

PUMPG0045 - Silver, vertical feed, bottom line
PUMPG0050 - Black, vertical feed, bottom line

<Unique gas> The STP has a unique gas delivery
system that allows the marker to be customised to your very own taste
with an internal hard line, or a flexible
hose fitted if you wish.
<Custom colours>

Custom colours
You can get your marker anodised in
selection of colours.
Please call us on:
01252 408 550


Stock class unique feed

A unique and versatile paint feed
system allows the player to have a
vertical feed from a hopper or
stick feed setup. The horizontal
feed can be mounted to face
forward or backwards.

Stock class manual


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