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1. Less staining at your site

Sterling Paintballs leave no staining, and minimal residue, so your kit will look like new every time it is issued. Our range of paintballs utilise a PEG based fill which is soluble in rainwater, as opposed to a nasty mixture of oil, starch and other fillers which hang around forever. You may already have noticed this residue with some imported brands of paintballs.

2. Consistent quality

Each batch of paintballs is tested and inspected for shape, size, roundness and brittleness prior to shipment, to ensure the best quality possible.

3. Years of experience in the Industry manufacturing paintballs.

The Arrow Precision factory has been producing Sterling paintballs since 2006 and has a wealth of experience in producing high quality environmentally friendly paintballs.

4. Customer satisfaction

Keep your players coming back by using a quality ball that breaks on target and not in their gun. Less time cleaning breaks on field means more time playing, and spending.

Supplying your customers with cheap, low-quality paintballs simply pushes them into the arms of your competitors, when they have a bad day. Give them the day they came for and maximise your profits.

5. Made in the UK

There are no other paintball manufacturers in the UK. With Powerball your business will not have to suffer the long transatlantic and Asian shipping times associated with overseas factories. With Sterling Paintballs you will receive the freshest, most consistent product available in Europe.

For more information please visit: www.sterling-paintballs.com

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