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<Airborn air systems>


The Airborn Air system is a CE approved high, flow, precision preset regulator for 3k or 4.5k use. Designed and manufactured in the UK, our regulator includes safety features such as:

Dual burst disc protection against over pressurisation

  • Pressure relief flats to allow a pressurised cylinder to vent, if an attempt is
    made to remove the regulator. The only regulator to have a replaceable filter that helps prevent flash filling and stops pressure regulation problems by keeping the internal parts free from dirt

  • The Airborn Air System regulator is the only field air system that is fully serviceable. Airborn maintenance kits are available to keep your regulator running for many years. Save money and escape the throwaway disposable culture of other air systems.

  • Each Airborn Air System regulator is assembled and tested by hand before despatch.

    Airborn 3000 PSI Duel burst disk reg .08 L bottle = CPAIR0100
    Airborn 4500 PSI Duel burst disk reg .08 L bottle = CPAIR0105

    Airborn regulator on its own: CPAIR0010

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